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When you’re in addiction recovery every holiday is a reason to celebrate your sobriety, but it can also come with unique challenges. On most holidays people are in a festive mood, which means alcohol is abundant and people are more likely to use drugs recreationally. Memorial Day is a holiday that can also be very emotional for anyone who has lost a loved one during military service or who has served in the military.  

Instead of being a real test of your sobriety, Memorial Day can renew your commitment if you plan to celebrate the holiday in Dallas, TX. Here are five sober activities you can enjoy in Dallas this Memorial Day. 

Visit Your Dallas Addiction Center

At our Dallas addiction center, we don’t just offer treatment programs and therapy. We also build a community partly through social activities and events throughout the year, including holidays. Chances are your addiction treatment center also has activities going on for Memorial Day. It’s a place where you know there won’t be temptations and triggers, but you will have support if you’re having a difficult time during the holiday. 

Even if you aren’t enrolled at any of the Dallas addiction centers or are visiting from out of town you may still be able to participate in holiday activities that are open to the public. 

Visit the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery

This Memorial Day make a trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. Seeing in-person that others have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and safety is awe-inspiring and humbling. It helps us put our own lives in perspective and be thankful for the liberties that we have, and that we live in a country where we rally around one another. 

However, anyone who is triggered by thoughts of death or mortality may need to skip the national cemetery. If it’s something you’d like to do but fear you could have a negative reaction discuss it with your therapist first. 

Take Part in the Carry The Load Dallas Memorial March

Carry The Load started in Dallas 11 years ago by two veterans as a way to keep the focus on what the holiday is really about. Today the Dallas Memorial March around Rock Lake is still the flagship event even though events now happen across the country. As an added bonus, the proceeds from the fundraiser goes to support partners that provide continuum of care.

The 2022 Dallas Memorial March begins on May 29th at 12pm in Reverchon Park and ends on March 30th at 1:30pm. 

Host a Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to grilling season. Lots of people host Memorial Day BBQs, but there’s also beer alongside the bratwurst. If you love the idea of a bar-be-que, then consider hosting one yourself. It’s the best way to make sure a backyard BBQ is a sober-friendly event. 

And if you reside at a Sober Living Home in Dallas you can make it a group bonding event. Each resident can pitch in and handle part of the festivities. 

Take a Dive at the Historic Texas Pool

If your addiction recovery center doesn’t have a pool you can take a dive this Memorial Day by making a short drive to Plano. There you’ll find the Historic Texas Pool. It’s known for being shaped like the Lone Star State and its fantastic Memorial Day celebration that’s alcohol-free. There will be a moment of remembrance at 3pm in recognition of the veterans that lost their lives. The event will also include a cannonball contest, swimming with mermaids, pool games, raffles and hot dogs fresh off the grill. 

This year’s Texas Pool Memorial Day celebration will be on Monday 30th, and admission is $10 for non-members.

Are you looking for more sober-friendly activities and support this Memorial Day? At Lighthouse Recovery’s Dallas addiction centers we put a lot of effort into helping patients find social activities that help them maintain sobriety. It’s just one step in providing holistic addiction treatment for long-term recovery. 

Contact us today to find activities and learn more about addiction treatment options in the Dallas area

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